Coaching is a collaborative partnership designed to help people realize personal and professional goals through a results oriented process. This is achieved through a mixture of skillful listening, questioning and problem solving methods in a framework of ongoing accountability. 

Through this process Coach and Client explore more deeply the vision of the client’s future in addition to what they most value and then use this compelling future as a key motivator to drive for a better future and achieve their ultimate goals.

The focus of coaching is predicated on expanding possibilities and discovering new options to create a more optimal experience in life and work. The coach supports the client in cultivating their self-knowledge, building momentum and finally taking action. J Kaufman Coaching is designed around a strength based model to assist clients tap their inner strengths as well as their external resources to achieve the goals they ultimately desire 


Executive/Corporate Coaching Services 

J Kaufman Coaching (JKC) together with the client will design, develop, and implement a proactive strategy tailored to the specific needs of your leaders and consistent with the highest vision of your company. JKC highlights the unique potential of the individual and provides a structure and process for their development. Each client will gain insight so they can see how their own, beliefs, assumptions can get in the way of understanding the people they lead or work with. The process promotes personal discovery and new approaches for solving problems. To facilitate this understanding, a significant part of the coach's work is to help introduce feedback, action planning, active learning and follow-up into regular work life. It is about moving individuals into behaviors that sustain both their careers and the business. Focus Areas May Include (but not limited to):

•      Organizational Stress Management

•      Optimizing Performance: Finding Flow

•      Job Design: Innovating The Process and Culture of Work

•      Self Management: Cultivating Greater Leadership Skills in the 21st   Century

Personal Growth Coaching Services

JKC coaches individuals to design and live a life of becoming! By developing a holistic approach we deal head on with your current challenges in the most critical areas of your life from health, love, family, career and money. Through JKC Personal Growth Coaching our goal is to help motivate you by providing the tools and support you need to spark your dreams and cause lasting change.

Specialty Coaching Services

JKC offers several options in specialty areas that provide clients the optimal experience. These areas include:

Executive Employee Assistance (EAP) Coaching

There are times when Human Resources specialists recognize that they do not have the in-house capabilities to handle some of the more consuming personal issues that surface for their key personnel. J Kaufman Coaching (JKC) provides individuals and organizations the ability to coach managers worried by unsual employee behavior or struggling with achieving personal goals. JKC also provides counsel to individuals, couples and groups to help restore well being and provide the tools for organizations to respond and recover from critical events.

Disability Coaching

J Kaufman Coaching provides families, caregivers and individuals with disabilities the ability to create a “quality of life” strategy to develop a game plan for long term success. Through a customized approach JKC works with clients in areas from problem solving, family support, case management, transition planning and workplace strategies. 


 J Kaufman Consulting (JKC) offer a portfolio of customized workshops and training's to meet the needs of clients. Please call/e-mail to discuss further and see how we can meet your organizational needs.



  J Kaufman Consulting provides consultation for corporations, government agencies and non for profits around the globe. His specialized background has allowed him the ability to work in a variety of capacities from being a former Policy Adviser to the White House on Diversity and Disability to a technical consultant for Hollywood productions in films such as “Adam” and HBO’s “Temple Grandin” to his role as Lead Disability Strategist for Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Senior Strategist at The National Business and Disability Council and adviser to Diversity Best Practices providing invaluable intellectual capital for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.  Kaufman's versatility has also allowed him to work with numerous government agencies including the US Department of Veteran Affairs, US Department of Labor and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. As a licensed psychotherapist  Kaufman has leveraged that knowledge to work with social service agencies in the areas of disability including developing the Adaptations Program in New York City, one of the first programs in the United States that focused on young adults on the autism spectrum in the areas of social skills and career development offering innovative solutions for the challenges they face in the environments of the 21st Century.  Using his unique background Kaufman assists organizations in developing and executing customized strategic goals to create and enhance their organization for long term growth and ultimate success. Let us know how we can help you succeed! 



Jonathan Kaufman has been a keynote speaker on areas of corporate health and wellness/mental health , Motivation , Diversity and Inclusion and Disability Issues. Kaufman is represented by American Program Bureau. For more information and to book Jonathan Kaufman for speaking engagements please reach out directly or go to and  reach out to 

Paul Kreiter, Sr. VP at American Program Bureau at or 617-614-1642